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 "What will you spend today

  that goes into eternity?"










Orality/Church Planting Training - Sponsor a pastor for $127


     Help us equip Pastors and key Leaders to fulfill their calling to shepherd and train others.  It's been said "the greatest need in the Body of Christ is for leadership."  As you partner with us to empower others, you are fulfilling the Great Commission call.




Arabic Scriptures for Syrian Refugees - 10 Copies for $42.50


Ten Evangelism packs in Urdu, Pashtu, Farsi, Dari, Bengali or Arabic - $42.50

                      It's been called "God on a chip" . . . in the world of refugees

                      and illegal immigrants, cheap phones are their lifeline to help,

                      immigration resources, food and clothing distributions, and

                      communication with loved ones in their home country.


                        Regardless of their economic status, most illegal Muslim

                      immigrants quickly obtain a phone that works in Greece and Turkey.

                      We do not provide phones, but we are providiing small computer

                      chips that fit in every illegal aliens phone and the Good News of

                      Jesus is on that chip in their mother tongue.  In addition to

                      evangelistic material they can read, each chip also contains

                      Praise and Worship in their language, the JESUS Film, the

                      evangelistic MAGDELANA film designed for Muslim women, and the

                      audio Bible in their language.  


                       Your partnership will enable a missionary to personally provide

                      a Gospel chip to a Muslim refugee with whom they will follow-up

                      their Jesus encounter.




Sponsor an Unreached People Group - Sponsorship begins with your $500 gift.


     In partnership with the JESUS Film Project, we are targeting the evangelization of two Unreached People Groups (groups among whom there are no churches and no believers.

     One group, the Rumelian Turks, are a Muslim ethnic group living in northern Greece. The second group, Bari speaking KuKus, are an animistic ethnic group living in South Sudan. According to the, both of these groups are unevangelized, unengaged, and untargeted (no one is currently active in reaching them with the Gospel).      In the Fall 2015, we begin our first assesments and outreaches to both of these groups.Your giving will sponsor an Unreached People Group, eventually resulting in a Church Plant among them.





Unreached Peoples Church Plant in NYC

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