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Thousands of Muslim refugees have flooded this region. Many are looking for true and lasting answers in the midst of their world being turned upside down.

Their families are torn apart, their homes now in a war zone, and the lives are filled with turmoil and desperation. In the midst of this confusion, their hearts are often open to the good news of Jesus Christ.


Current Projects:

Rumelian Turk Evangelism Project


More foreign immigrants live in NYC than the entire population of America's 2nd largest city.  Over 4 million residents are members of unreached ethnic communities that have no Gospel witness. Over 59 Unreached People Groups have members living in the NYC area.  As the world's largest Global city, NYC is now a significant destination for missionaries from around the world.


Current Projects:

Unreached People Group Outreach

Muslim Outreach

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are fleeing their home countries in hopes of a better life in the European Union. Many have declared themselves athiests, as they no longer want to be associated with radical Islam.


In the midst of crisis and dramatic change , their hearts are open to the Gospel at this season of their lives. 


Now is the time to step through the open doors God has set before us.  Your partnership enables workers to share Christ, disciple, and pursue indigenous church plants.


God's Word satisfies the thirsty hearts of Muslim refugees seeing hope, answers, and a new beginning.



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