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America is the newest Mission Field

This is

our time.


New York City

- over 21 million people
- 800 languages
- #1 Global city in the world
- 2,000,000 Jews
- 800,000 Muslims
- 650,000 Chinese
- 400,000 Hindus
- 48% of Metroplex do not speak English at home
- over 50% of Queens residents are foreign-born
- 70,000 International students
- 59 Unreached People Groups have members living in NYC
- NYC is the largest Muslim city in the Western hemisphere
- 23% of all Muslims in the USA live in the NYC area
How should we respond?
      We are compelled by the vast number of lost people, unevangelized communities, and ethnically diverse Unreached People Groups who have come to America by their own decision or by the Hand of Providence.  We cannot remain silent.  We will not turn away.  We must not ignore the God ordained opportunity presented by these standing on the threshold of the door to America.
Where do we begin?
     Jesus said "I will build my church" and "this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (ethnic groups)".  
     The cry of the missionary heart is "a church for every people".   The rapid growth of the Gospel takes place when it is communicated by trusted and influential members within an ethnic community.  Luke 10:10 calls this person a "man of peace".  
     We are reaching out to build indigenous, reproducible, discipleship communities among the unreached.
Will you help?
We need fellow laborers, prayer partners, and financial seed sowers to link arms with us, as we link arms with other ministries, to share the redemptive and restorative message of Jesus.  The "fields are white" and the "laborers are few", Jesus said.  Would you join us in this harvest field?
This is our time.
Will you pray?
Will you help?
The people are waiting.  We are willing.  Jesus is ready.  Their hearts are open.
How can you respond?
You can join us on an outreach trip in NYC this Spring and Summer.
You can pray for the lost of NYC.  Pray they will hear the good news.  Pray for God to raise up laborers. Prayer for Godly leaders in each ethnic community to rise up. Pray for dreams and visions among the unreached.  Pray for other intercessors to mobilize for the NYC unreached.
You can give. Sponsor a missions team member.  Sponsor a church plant.  Sponsor an evangelistic outreach among one of the 59 Unreached people groups in NYC.
You can ask God what he would personally have your do.  If you are willing, He is able. He is ready. He desires that all men would be saved.
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