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CC Trip

CC  20th


US Capitol
Jefferson Memorial

Washington, DC


A tour with a purpose. Visit historic Jamestown, Philadelphia, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Yorktown, and Washington DC, for an educational tour that is integrated with purpose. As you visit these important sites you will learn of America’s rich history and its undeniable, God-given destiny.

Challenge Students will adopt specific sites in advance for which you will be our "site expert" during the trip. The group will take time at certain significant sites to engage in Socratic discussion of the historical, political, and cultural impact of the site on past and present history, politics, and Western culture. Additionally, the group will contrast and compare ideas between Christian and secular worldviews as we explore the chambers of American government. You will discover America’s rich spiritual heritage and see your purpose and destiny as a citizen.

Classical Conversations is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year in Williamsburg VA at the fabulous Great Wolf Lodge on October 18th.  You have an opportunity to include this Optional 1-day Add-on to your 8-day Historic 7 Tour.  Though it is a completely separate event from the Historic 7 Tour, by arriving one day early in Williamsburg you can be part of this CC celebration.  If you chose to be part of this Add-on, we will coordinate your travel & lodging for this event.

Williamsburg - Jamestown - Monticello - Mount Vernon - Philadelphia - Washington DC - Yorktown

UnReached NYC Spring Break Missions Trip   3/14-3/22, 2020   $1860

NYC Spring
50,000 international students at NYU

New York City

59 Unreached People Groups have people here

New York City

UnReached NYC Summer Missions Trip   7/15-7/22, 2020   $1860

40% residents are non-native English speakers

New York City

Home to more than 800,000 Muslims

New York City

Rumelian Turk Outreach   TBA 2017   $2900

Sunni Muslims living in northern Greece


154,000 people with no known Believers


Washington DC Patriotic Tour   4/11-4/15, 2016

George Washington's homestead

Mount Vernon, Virginia

Original Constitution


Italy-Greece Classical Missions Trip   5/26-6/10, 2020   $3370

Parthenon atop the Acropolis

Athens, Greece

Vatican at night

Rome, Italy

Italy-Greece-Turkey Classical Missions Trip   5/26-6/16, 2020   $3870

Library of Celsus in ancient Ephesus

Selcuk, Turkey

Grand Bazaar

Istanbul, Turkey

Mars Hill - St Paul preached to philosophers

Athens, Greece

Home & burial site of St John

Ephesus, Turkey

UnReached South Sudan Missions Trip   10/4-10/16, 2016   $3440

Postponed due to political instability in South Sudan

Athens, Greece

Kuku people who speak Bari with no Believers

South Sudan

216,000 Kuku people with no Churches

South Sudan

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