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Current Ministry Projects


At the heart of every effective evangelistic model, a person's "felt needs" must be met. Practical and sustainable help meets pressing physical needs and builds bridges to lasting, life-changing relationships.


How do you make a disciple out of someone who cannot read? Over 65% of the world is illiterate, yet 95% of all evangelistic and discipleship materials are in written form. We are effectively implementing evangelism and discipleship training among non-readers. This model fits hand-in-glove with church planting movements.

Digital Word

We are providing God's Word, evangelistic, and teaching materials, in Urdu, Pashtu, Arabic and Farsi on digital chips that Muslim seekers can use in their cell phones. The JESUS Film in their mother tongue and the incredible woman's story of Magdelana are provided in addition to songs of worship in their native language.

Syrian Refugees

Syria is in crisis and tens of thousands are fleeing the ISIS conflict. By land and sea, refugees are flooding into Turkey and Greece. Many are looking for hope and help. ISIS has redefined Islam as a radicalized religion.Many former Muslims are looking for God in a new way. Now is the time to bring the message of Jesus.

Church Plants

Why is a church plant important?  Because it provides the only avenue for new believers to be discipled and make disciples of others, it is the method God established for believers to encourage each other, it provides needed accountability to spur change and growth, it establishes a part of God's Kingdom in a community of people, and it provides a witness of Christ to a lost world.

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