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Mayer Christian Schools


Williamsburg - Jamestown - Monticello - Mount Vernon - Philadelphia - Washington DC - NYC
Oct 29-Nov 5, 2016   Victory Christian Academy



A tour with a purpose.


   Visit historic Washington, DC, New York City, and Colonial Williamsburg  for an educational tour that is integrated with purpose. As you visit these important sites you will learn of America’s rich history and its undeniable, God-given destiny. If ever there was a time to learn of God’s purpose and  plan for America, it is now.


   God has always used men and women to lead nations and His plans have always been entrusted to a remnant. On this tour, you will discover America’s rich spiritual heritage and see your purpose and destiny as a citizen.




Washington Monument, Library of Congress, US Capitol, Jefferson Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial, Newseum, Air Force Memorial,, Vietnam Memorial

Smithsonian Museums, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Ford’s Theater 

National Archives, Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg,  WWII Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, 911 Memorial, Rockefeller Center

NYC Harbor Cruise and more.



Trip Cost $2680 includes: RT airfare, quality hotels, transfers, Deluxe Tour bus, 2 meals/day and site admissions. *double, triple, quad occupancy.


Rene Couture has twenty years professional educational tour experience having guided more than 10,000 students on life impacting tours. Rene believes God has a unique plan for America and its citizens. Her knowledge of history and current events will enlarge your understanding and worldview.


Kim & Greg Ford have led thousands on mission trips around the globe for over 30 years and have a passion to help others impact the world.




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